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Commercial Hot Melt Dispenser - Variable Temp Pneumatic

Safety Gloves - Sold Separately
Safety Gloves - Sold Separately

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Bulk Adhesives Applicator

This machine is designed for hands-free assembly line applications. This applicator holds up to 2 pounds of hot melt adhesive. You can set the time delay relay switch to release the same amount of glue each time the foot pedal is depressed.

This machine is best suited for repeated piece work such as applying a small dab of releasable glue on credit card mailings or any assembly work which requires exact repeatability.

Needle valve nozzle for complete shut off. Adjustable flow control switch. Ideal for pressure sensitive adhesive and regular hot melt adhesives.

An outstanding alternative to hand held guns, this commercial grade glue dispenser will pay for itself many times over with its reliability and ease of use.

Performance Features:

- Lightweight, easy to move
- Lid opens easily for convenient refills
- Pneumatic power system, no pumps
- Easy to maintain
- Pressure and glue flow are adjustable
- Fast melting rate
- Foot switch for on-demand gluing, or for activating the shot timer
- Needle valve nozzle for complete shut off


Throat depth: 6.5"
Electric: 110 volts , 80 watts
Weights: 33 pounds
Dimensions: 18 1/4" High x 10 1/4" Wide x 8 3/8 " length
Melting Capacity: 5 1/2 pounds per hour
Tank Capacity: 2 pounds
Operating Temperature: 200 F to 500 F
Viscosity: Maximum 20,000 CPS
Nozzle Orifice: 3 sizes, .040", .080", .125"
Operating Air Pressure: 40 to 70 PSI
Flow Control: Yes
Air Compressor not included

CLICK HERE to see the Commercial Hot Melt Dispenser In Action

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Commercial Dispenser - Variable Temp Pneumatic $1321.00 $59.00
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Safety Gloves, 1 Pair, One Size Fits All $5.95 $4.38
(2.0 lbs.)
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