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Dual Power Hybrid Cordless Hot Melt Glue Gun

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*Lithium Ion Technology*

The Dual Power Hybrid Industrial Glue Gun can be used as a cordless glue gun or with the option to use an AC power cord. The cordless feature provides the versatility to go anywhere, powered by a high performance 18 Volt Lithium-ion compact battery. Allows up to 1 hour of continuous cordless operating time.

For corded use, connect the 8 foot AC power cord into a 110 volt outlet for applications that require longer continuous use. The Dual Power Hybrid uses a PTC heating system that gives you consistent working temperature and longer run time.

120 Watts
High Temperature, 380F (193C)
Accepts 7/16" glue sticks
18 Volt Lithium Ion Compact Battery
Lithium-ion technology battery (lasts up to 1 hour)
Insulated nozzle
Tough Carrying Case
AC power cord, 8 ft

*Spare battery and charger can be purchased at your local hardware store under Ryobi part#P128.

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Kit Includes: Glue gun, P-128 Ryobi 18V Lithium-Ion One+Compact Battery and Charger, 8 ft. AC power cord, and storage case. $191.50 $12.95 Add to Cart
Gun Only $77.00 $12.95 Add to Cart
Ryobi P128 battery/ charger only $91.10 $8.00
(4.0 lbs.)
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